Soy Wax Melts

Burners & Electric Wax Melt Burner's back in stock! 

Place your chosen wax melt onto the top of your burner, then simply switch on or add your tea light and enjoy your fragrance.

To remove old wax from your burner. Pop a tea light/turn on your burner, wait around 30-60 seconds and gently press the edge of the wax melt and it will usually pop out, do not pour melted wax down the drain or toilet, I wrap mine in paper or kitchen roll and place in the bin. 

Scentsluxe Melts are handmade here in Sussex using a high quality Soy Wax, available in bars or stars. 

Toucan Gifts Magik Beanz contains an average of 15 highly scented mini melts, average fragrance time for a pot of Magik Beanz is approximately 20 hours, beautifully presented in Eco friendly decorative tins.

Aroma Lamps can be used with Wax Melts or just as a decorative lamp.

Please note electric burners are not to be used with oils.