Crazy Times.....

Well so much has changed since my last blog entry, I do sit & wonder how everyone is doing, so many of us making sacrifices & our hearts of course go out to so many people doing amazing things, sadly at the moment our online store is closed, this wasn't an easy decision, but in short we don't want to put ourselves or others at risk by doing endless trips to the post office.

In the meantime we continue to work on various projects behind the scenes, lots of baking & cooking to help those that need it, de-cluttering & gardening, I am determined to come through these uncertain times by achieving all I can in my home, Ant continues to work from home, so I am of course keeping him going with lots of Tea & Bacon Sandwiches!! 

We are enjoying our daily walk with our Doodles, they are of course loving us being at home 💖 the hardest thing of course is missing our loved one's, that is tough.

If it wasn't for the weird situation these times at home are precious, keep positive & safe everyone, focus on what makes you happy, keep smiling & stay at home if you can.... until next time, much love Netty & Ant xxxx

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