Face Scrubbies

Our new product, is already a hit! 100% Cotton Face Scrubbies, crocheted by hand, alternative to cotton wool pads & face wipes.

You can use your scrubbies in lots of different ways, taking off your make up, with your favourite face wash, cleanser, toner or soap.

I  have been testing these on myself, Initially, the change from cotton wool/wipes felt a little bit different but I soon got used to them, my face felt so clean & I haven’t looked back, another little step in helping the environment.

Once I have finished with them I rinse in warm soapy water, I dry them overnight in the airing cupboard then once a week I pop them on a 30 degree wash in a little wash bag, ready to use them again! Your scrubbies can also be tumble dried on cool or dried flat.

I honestly love using these, first week of them being on sale & we sold out! more being made as we speak, so won't be long until they are back, looking forward to receiving some more feedback.... until next time, much love Netty xx

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