Well here goes....

The idea of our new blog is so you can see what we get up to behind the scenes at Manipura Gifts, often we take to social media to keep you updated, but we thought this was more of a personal touch.

It's all a learning curve, right?!

February has been a particularly busy month for us with Valentine's Day, this is one of my favourite times of the year, because I love everything hearts! I think my favourite thing of the month has to be our strawberry shortcake homemade Fudge, a new flavour that I have not tried before, it was certainly a hit with everyone, I am now planning a yummy new flavour for Mother's Day, I'm thinking bounty bars need to be involved!

We also celebrated my daughter's 30th birthday, not sure how I have a daughter that age!! we all had an amazing day with our gorgeous family, Ant didn't let us down with his baking skills, making us all sausage dog themed cupcakes!

Jess is planning a March Newsletter for us, our subscribers are growing rapidly, so we need to send you lovely people something regularly each month as a thank you for following us 🥰

Well I guess I have written my first few paragraphs of the blog, it was easier than I thought!! untill the next entry .... much love xx

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  • Jessie on

    Loved the sausage dog cakes, so cute and yummy!

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