Wax Melts

Well here we are Monday again, where did the weekend honestly go, I'm on a roll today, roast is already prepared!!

The weather continues to be miserable, which always makes me want everything cosy inside, my favourite thing being my Wax Melt Burner, it probably sounds sad lol but you can't beat putting new melts on when you've cleaned all the house! which brings me to today's topic, Wax Melts.

I have honestly tried so many over the last two years & everytime I go back to these little pots of Magik Beanz, made from soy wax they are triple strength so you only need two or three little Beanz in your burner at a time.

We have also stocked other Melts in the past, but being honest I didn't find the fragrance time very good with those, it didn't last as long for me, so now for us it's the Beanz everytime! today in mine I have Pineapple Spice, another favourite is Snuggles, I'm eagerly awaiting the new delivery from Busy Bee's! 

It's one of my favourite gifts to give, Wax Melt Burner & Melts, it's something different & heartwarming, I think I have far to many around the house now! but I guess you can never have enough, right?!! until next time.. much love xxx



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  • Sarah on

    Love the idea of a blog and totally agree that the melts are amazing I love mine!!

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